About Me

I am a true Celt - my father was Irish, and my mother Welsh. I chose the name Isabella Dalzell to honour my grandmother who lived in Ireland at the turn of the last century. She was a hard working wife and mother who, despite working in the linen mills from the age of eight, had a sharp mind and kept her family on track.

But she still had time to dream. As a small child, she used to sing me Irish lullabies and my grandfather would tell stories of his time at Gallipoli. Their son, my father, was a keen amateur historian and used to make up stories of adventure which he would tell me in instalments at bedtime. He was in the Royal Air Force and our small family travelled around extensively to remote places and often these stories would be about the new place we had just landed in.


My grandmother - the original Isabella Dalzell
My grandmother - the original Isabella Dalzell

My mother, too, would sing songs and read poetry to me, whilst encouraging my love of reading - mostly I think to make up for my itinerant education. All this fired within me a passion for storytelling and history and a love of places of wild, rugged beauty.