Assistive Technology

As someone who provides dyslexia support services and also suffers from fibromyalgia, I am always on the lookout for useful assistive technology. I came across ATbar recently and thought I would share my discovery with you.

ATbar is an open-source, cross-browser toolbar to help users customise the way they view and interact with web pages.  It is a simple tool which is available for most popular browsers.


It is designed for those who may not have their assistive technologies to hand and need a quick way of accessing text on the screen with magnification and/or text to speech etc.  It can help those with low vision, dyslexia and other reading difficulties, as well as those who may wish to just reduce the glare of black text on bright white backgrounds.


Note: It is not designed for regular screen reader users who need their assistive technology to access the computer as well as their browser.


Click on the toolbar above to go to the ATbar homepage for more information and to download the toolbar or try it out as a demo.