One Moment After Christmas

Copyright © Isabella Dalzell 2019. All RIghts Reserved.

The Cat in the Hat

silly, slinky, sticky, acrobatic fun;

enraptured children fixated, every one.

mini hamburgers, cakes with stripes

mingling cast giddy with relief

tipsy friend flirting.


Comrades at the University bar

meeting to drink and chat books

convivial Christmas conversation.

a coffee and a stroll at a stately home

weaving through the woods

carolling coppery cadences from a musical box.


Florentines, mince pies and poetry

old friends meet for jazz and drinks

face at the cathedral, the chill ghost of Christmas past

Scrooge in a woolly German burghers’ hat

with all her millions, worrying about Brexit

Whilst homeless people scour the streets.


Nelly’s Caribbean Christmas cake

sodden with Guinness and rum

neighbourly joy in giving gifts

fleeting greetings from afar

embrace of a close friend

rambling telephone calls.


Wondering how the card and tip

I left for Mr Dustman will be received?

The hailed thank you floats up to my room as I doze

the last Christmas card undelivered

thinking of those present and those absent

a trip to Ragdale Hall!


Pastry misdelivery I’m such an airhead, she smiles

feasting with friends, warm hospitality,

Love all round. Party games,

party hats, flat jokes, crackling crackers

and tumbling trinkets. Limoncello trifle

oceans of wine, bottles of brandy


and all of that.


Watership Down on telly

Ekaterina on Amazon Prime

candles and crisp winter walks

flocking birds swooping over Watermead Lakes at dusk

mulled wine in front of log fires

yes, even that.


Speeding through the traffic

through a river of red lights

spectacular Chinese opera

dressed up, exciting nights.

Driving home in dusky fog

whispering streaks across the motorway.


One moment after Christmas

after all the turkey has been eaten

the last drop of Bailey’s imbibed

and long after the last mince pie

I walk the quiet streets.


I pass the lighted gardens

and the twinkling archways

glimpsing interior views

of sparkling Christmas trees.


I dream:

       That all the concreted earth cracks open

to let nature grow again;

       That trees to house birds sprout through

the gravelled and tarmacked driveways

        That suffocate the green flora

which keeps this planet alive.