Out Of The Box

Copyright © Isabella Dalzell 2017. All RIghts Reserved.

With what glee I first sprang out of the box! My head was fairly nodding with excitement and my spring bounced from side to side with such enthusiasm my nose kept hitting the floor on each side . The look on their faces was something to behold, their  mouths forming egg -shaped owes and suppressed gasps of surprise and delight encouraged me to nod my clown head ever faster and spread my white rubber lips until they almost popped out of the red fringe of hair stuck like a floppy comb around my head. The sheath of my pyjama shirt, striped blue and white, kept riding up and down as I bounced merrily but gradually the impetus of my spring slowed so that I seem to gyrate backwards through time ever more slowly until I came to a complete standstill, red wooden nose glued to the floor. I knew that my time was running out as the giant in the big brown leather shoes stepped forward and gently squashed me back inside the box, clicking the lid smartly, yet firmly down.