Recovering Eden

Copyright © Isabella Dalzell 2019. All RIghts Reserved.

At Stonehenged monoliths now falling to ruin

turning in circles we worshipped the sun

seeking return to make our crops grow

recover the garden from which we have sprung


Cast out from Eden in search of knowledge

we fell from the sacred, mankind on the run

steeped in superstition and ritual show

turning in circles we burnished the sun


Brutalist architecture reflecting the times

perished biota stripped of a home

the Animal Kingdom writhing in pain

reeling in circles we scorch in the sun


In desiccated hinterland banished wolves prowl,

we are reaping the whirlwind, billowing rain

submerged by tsunami, rainforests of fire

recover the garden from which we have sprung        


For all that is lost we must now make good

attempting a penance for all we have done

replenish our life-giving blue shining star

re-wild our landscape, and harness the sun


White-petalled turbines seen from the train

wheeling in circles we harvest the wind and the rain

create greener cities with strong legislature

recover the garden from which we have sprung.