Several Catti Haikus

Copyright © Isabella Dalzell 2019. All RIghts Reserved.

Jade eyes ringed tawny

pert nose in grey heart -shaped face

head on paw feigns sleep


Grey kitten snoozes

turns tail shows who’s boss sniffs sky

leaps upon my lap


Expressive meow

follows footsteps slinks softly

curls upon cushions


Little Leo purrs

Jade eyes in grey fur snuggles

sheathed claws soft paws


Affectionate purr

responsive intelligence

instinctively sure



Kitchen Haiku                                                                                                

White cupboards, blue walls

Warm underfoot grey cat prowls

Pans gleam suspended


Four Ages of Cat

Snoozes inside slippers

nestles in crook of ankle

sleeps in silent dream

empty space phantom presence.