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торт winston x reader x 11

торт winston x reader x 11

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торт winston x reader x 11
Overwatch X Reader One-shots - Winston x Reader(Unedited), Winston X Reader Tinkering Boo Boos | Overwatch x Reader , The Outsiders x Reader - Dallas Winston x Reader - Drunk , Winston (Overwatch)/Reader - Works | Archive of Our Own, Recouperating [Winston X Reader] | Overwatch Oneshots [Closed], Dallas Winston x Reader Oneshot - deviantart.com, Winston x Reader [Overwatch Fanfiction], dallas winston x reader | Tumblr, Dallas Winston x Reader | Spin The Bottle.
"Than-- Thank... wait, um. Yeah! Thank you!" She said, giggling at herself. She was having a hard time thinking since she was so drunk, and was now becoming really tired. She just threw herself back onto his bed, getting under the covers. He rolled his eyes at how childish she was being, laying down next to her. He looked over at her, wanting to say something, but stopped himself when he saw she was asleep. He smiled slightly, wrapping his arms around her before kissing her forehead. "I guess you can be my new Doll now. Huh, short stuff?" He talked to himself, closing his eyes before falling to sleep as well.He didn't know why but this woman brought out the soft side of him, and he didn't mind it either. (( A/N: I'm sorry if he seems so out of character. I just really wanted to write something where he was sweet instead of harsh like most stories depict him. Please leave any requests if you want me to do a specific character! I'll even take request on how you want the plot to go! Lemon, fluff, it doesn't matter to me, but I'll try my best! )). Read Winston x Reader(Unedited) from the story Overwatch X Reader One-shots by ttylxox2223 (Cr_azy_vi_bes) with 3,727 reads. sadmoments, randomness, guyxguy. W. Overwatch x Reader (Various Series) Winston X Reader Tinkering Boo Boos. Dawn. Request by: Rainblade “Winston? Winston you here?” You peeked into the lab where you'd usually find the great ape, but his presence seemed to have been missing. Juggling your choices, you sought to staying in the lab until your buddy came back, so you took a seat by his tire bed. Sitting crossed legged, you .
YOU ARE READING. The Outsiders x Reader Fanfiction. Alright. I have recently read the book "The Outsiders" for a school project. I have also read many a fanfiction *cough* Dallas is a hotty *cough* and have been inspired to right one of my own.. It’s Reader x Everyone in Overwatch. Some are cute, romantic, funny, sad, and some are just downright annoying to wake up to in the morning. Some are cute, romantic, funny, sad, and some are just downright annoying to wake up to in the morning.. "Winston, I'm picking up sounds coming from (Y/n)'s room," Athena, his AI system named after your own middle name, suddenly spoke, surprising Winston. He jumped slightly, but forced himself to relax. He jumped slightly, but forced himself to relax.. Sodapop X Reader: Saved By A Shadow (Gifty-Thing!) You had just moved to Tulsa, and your family had the bright idea to live in the Northside. You begged for them to get a house in the middle of it all, but they refused.. If you liked this video and want more Comic Dub/ ASMR videos please like the video and subscribe to the channel. Discord: https://discord.gg/deadjosey Patreo. 11 notes. Reblog. unopened windows . pairing: dallas winston x reader. warnings: real sad. inspired by unopened windows by set it off. edited by @whatsasetitoff ⧖ ⧖ ⧖ cheap leather, cigarettes, and shoplifted cologne: an odd combination of scents that still lingers through your home, yet you would never want it to leave. it was dallas’ aroma. it was warm and inviting unlike his .
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