Copyright © Isabella Dalzell 2020. All RIghts Reserved.



Running in packs, hunting in unison

each one charged with its allotted role

its place in the feeding hierarchy

like a football team, Alpha to Omega

(scapewolf). Keeping to the shadows, sitting watchful

in the blue-white snow with cool, passionate

penetrating eyes; avoiding humans with their guns.


The Alphas alone can mate; obey or leave

be wary of transgression

to stay is to face ostracism, savage retribution

Scarred by razor claws, ears bitten off, the would-be

mother is bullied by the pack and left to famish

learns to accept her chastisement and her role.


Such ferocity is the only way they can

all survive. Brought to heel, obedient

transgressor wolf is allowed back into

the fold allowed to heal. Auntie then

to blessed pups nurtured in the

the Alpha She-wolf feeds pups milky sap

protected and aided by the gang.